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Muscle your way towards confidence.
Let us help you achieve results through our Private Trainers’ resilient commitment and tireless effort. Our private trainers specialize in teaching practices that will improve your overall health and lead you towards a more sustainable life. They are with you step for step and rep for rep.
Cardio. Crunches. Camaraderie.
Experience our wide variety of innovative classes designed to fit every schedule and need, we offer everything from strength, sculpting and conditioning to martial arts, dance and a number of styles unique to THE GYM. Our class schedules are designed to include both the latest fitness trends and methods for getting results in a fun, energizing atmosphere. Learn More
Get cut from the same cloth.
Explore your own inspiration through Yoga. Let our team of dedicated instructors guide you to newfound discovery in strength, flexibility and overall well-being. All mats, blocks and towels are provided, and equipment is cleaned daily.
We feel your burn.
Build your core and lengthen your body with Pilates, a complete full body workout that builds strength without bulk, improves flexibility and agility, and helps to prevent injury. Sessions are available in our spacious, fully equipped Pilates studio.*
Swap your laundry cycle for a Spin cycle.
Our spin studios are equipped with Stadium seating* and the latest in STAGES Indoor Cycling technology, ensuring a challenging and invigorating ride from beginning to end.
Build the body you want.
Our weight management system will provide you with a custom-designed fitness and nutrition program based on the results of your individual metabolic profile. Generate noticeable results. Our weight management team will assess your current fitness level and nutritional habits and will help you achieve weight loss and sustain your lifestyle transformation.
Revolutionize your body.
Kinesis is a technological advancement in resistance training, utilizing a revolutionary system. Our complete 30-minute, full body workout is customized for the beginner to the most advanced client. Forget about counting reps and sets, and experience the principle of "time under tension". Thirty minutes is all you need to stimulate your entire body.
An apple a day.
Our Nutrition experts collaborate with you in your overall fitness and health by working to build a customized nutritional program around your own personal goals. We will help you to reach nutritional success for a healthier, happier you. Learn More
Lift. Spin. Daycare. Repeat.
We offer complimentary childcare services to our members in a playful, educational setting. Your child will enjoy activities ranging from free play to Do-It-Yourself crafts in a safe and nurturing environment. Please check location for additional details.
Relax. Refresh. Reset.
Our full locker room services are available to provide ultimate convenience and comfort. Amenities include fresh plush towels, hydrating shampoo and conditioner, salon-style hairdryers and all the essentials needed to refresh after your energizing workout.
Fitness is better with friends.
Develop strength, tone up, become more flexible, elevate your cardio, or just have a blast with your friends. With over 120 classes every week, visit THE GYM today to kick box with the masters, tone-up in Barre classes, breathe with our yogis, or sculpt your body on the Pilates mat. Learn More
THE GYM is no ordinary experience.
It is a lifestyle program designed to achieve every individual members respective health and fitness goals. Whether you are a beginner or an enthusiast, every program, product and experience we offer begins and ends with creating a premiere and comfortable atmosphere tailored for your individual and overall success and safety.
    * Please check local club for availability

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